The Art of Beneficial Massage

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Historically, massage has been a little science, a little alternative, and a little mysterious. Japanese and Chinese massage has been deemed as a pleasurable form of touch not the medical or scientific aspect of deep tissue massage. Kama Sutra massage is a more sensual approach to touch and muscle stimulation. However, it is well known to modern culture as a form of foreplay. The Swiss have taken it a bit further and have developed the idea of massage by using long movement, tapping, vibration, and kneading. This and other movements help the patient/person feel energized and relaxed.

Massage has never really been accepted as a scientific way to heal or help with an injury sustained by any means. Technological advances have proven to be scientifically accepted by massage therapists. These include TENS units and some other forms of ultrasonic massage. Not so much the manual working of the muscle but the electrical stimulation from a machine. The machines that cause impulses to the muscle and make it move are more accepted than touch. The reason is that the direct impulse goes to a specific portion of the muscle and the manual massage works the muscle as a whole or in part not a specific portion of that muscle. 

Manual massage IS beneficial to the healing and overall well being of the muscle being stimulated and worked without the cardio. Massage is considered a luxury in the United States but it is getting known for its use in healing in sports therapy, after surgery rehabilitation, and in bedridden patients. Any movement of the muscles is proven to improve blood circulation, muscle function, and overall well-being. The patient is more energized and the muscle is relaxed enough in some cases to actually allow for other movements.

The renewed energy and freedom to move around without pain are some of the main reasons we love getting a massage no matter what society says or claims about massage being a luxury or nonmedicinal component to healing. Areas that are commonly worked are headaches, jaw muscles, sports injuries, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. Disorders that may be relieved can include, depression, fear, pain, and some digestive issues. There are several other conditions that may be relieved by regular massage.

Meditation and massage are some of the spiritual ways of combining massage with another mental healing factor. Reiki healing is a common alternative to traditional medicine. This form is widely accepted in the spiritual realm and is considered one of the most effective means of massage and spiritual healings. Reiki healing is not widely accepted as a form of medicinal massage but has the best results according to holistic medicine professionals. This author has benefited from all forms of massage, whether for relaxation or a medical reason.

Massage in Boston is available to patients, spa clients, and stressed out people. It is proven that massage is great for relaxation. That’s a fact and that is why we feel better after a massage or with frequent trips to a masseuse that continue to work those tight sore muscle and convince them to relax and do what they are supposed to do. Make our bodies move, bend, stoop, and even laugh. Our muscles are so neglected that we love the feeling once they are massaged and relaxed. Our sense of being pampered is also addressed when we find a therapist that is exactly what we want. We are all so different that a deep massage may not be what one person wants but the next person wants a powerful massage that stimulates the blood flow and rejuvenates the muscle.

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