DIY Craft: Creative Ways to Use Pearls

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Pearls – those luminous gemstones of exquisite beauty – have long been a staple in the jewelry box. But for the DIY enthusiast, these pearls offer a world of creative possibilities beyond being a necklace. You can repurpose your pearls into any creative project of your imagination.

Read on to discover 5 DIY Ideas you can try with your pearls today!

1. Pearl-Embellished Bags

Do you have a plain canvas tote bag? Get your old or loose pearls and transform the bag into a statement pearl-embellished bag. You will need a hot glue gun or adhesive glue to make this work out. You could also use a needle and thread to sew in the beads if glue is unavailable. If you want to get creative, use the pearls to form a geometric pattern, a fun design, or even your initials for some personalization. And if you want a pop of color, mix in pearls of different colors and adhere them to your fabric tote bag.

2. Pearl Hair Accessories

Pearl hairstyle isn’t just a thing for brides; it’s for anyone who wants some sparkles on their hair. There are a lot of ways to pull off a pearl hairstyle: create DIY bobby pins, a brooch, or a pearl embellished bun. Or, you can use your clear lash glue to add some pearls to your hair in any pattern you like. Another option is to attach pearls to one of your plain headbands in staggered or clustered lines to create a pearl headband. Freshwater pearls on your hair will add a touch of sophistication to any look, whether it’s a date night or a casual brunch.

3. Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace

One of our favorite creative ways to use pearls is by wearing a multi-strand pearl necklace for a layered look. And the best part? You can create one yourself! Some of the things you will need are pearl beads, jewelry wire, clasps, and pliers.

Make about two or three strands of pearl necklaces and then connect them using one clasp. You can get more creative with your necklace by twisting the strands together, making a knot, or using a connector in the middle. If the process seems too complicated, you can opt for a ready made pearl necklace set instead.

4. Pearl Denims

Almost everyone has a denim outfit at home; perhaps a jacket, a skirt, or trousers. Denims are a timeless wardrobe staple, but sometimes they can feel a little basic. Create a show-stopping piece with your favorite denim jacket or pants by attaching random patterns of pearls using a needle and thread.

For your jackets, you can add the pearls along the back or the seams for an eye-catching detail. For your pants, add some pearl patches along the thighs. You can do this with other things in your wardrobe too, like a tee shirt (sew some pearls into the collar) or your plain blouse (sew around the sleeve or bodice).

5. Personalized Gifts

You know what would be great? A personalized gift with a touch of pearls for your loved ones! You can create a custom-made pearl keychain, pearl bookmarks, or even a pearl-embellished photo album to commemorate special moments.


Who says pearls are just for necklaces? With a little imagination and some DIY tools, you can infuse creativity into anything with a sprinkle of pearls; from your gifts to hair accessories, and footwear. So, are you ready to turn the things around you into pearl-embellished creations?

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