5 Fun Rooms to Design in a Vacation Rental Property

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Vacation rental properties can make great real estate investments. Platforms like Airbnb let you easily promote your listings on the internet. And as the tourism industry slowly recovers, it will become easier for vacation rental owners to generate income from travelers.

To stand out in the market, you need to spruce up your rental home in attractive and appealing ways. Beyond good decoration, it’s also a nice touch to build some fun, appealing, or even unusual rooms into vacation rentals. These will grab potential renters’ attention and make the home stand out –– which of course means more rental activity in the long run!

To expand on this idea, here are a few types of room designs we’d suggest considering.

1. Home Cinema

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a movie or two during a vacation –– and doing it from the comfort of a house instead of having to go to a movie theater is even better. If this idea suits you, you might start by investing in a massive 4K television. This will showcase the newest, most popular films and shows in stunning detail, and will even liven up some older movies, since some of them are starting to get 4K releases.

Home theaters can have either theater-style seats or big armchairs that swallow you (you know, in a pleasant way) when you sit on them. You can also splurge and install a minibar full of cold drinks, and a snack bar with popular movie snacks; some will even buy authentic theater-style popcorn makers… They’re actually quite affordable! Don’t forget to add a way to block out light like vertical blinds Brisbane to maximize your viewing experience.

2. Games Room

Do you know where else a 4K television belongs? In a game room! Setting up a room with a nice TV and a variety of consoles –– old and new alike –– makes for a very attractive time for gamers who are looking to relax and enjoy themselves on vacation. Beyond the TV, consoles, and ideally a game collection, aim to stock up on comfy seating, cushions for back support, and plenty of controllers.

Another great addition to a game room is a board game collection. You could go traditional and include classy checkers and chess sets, or add some modern board games such as Catan or Azul. Just make sure all of the pieces and instructions are in the boxes.

3. Poker Den

As a sort of twist on the game room, you might also consider building in a poker den. While we might typically think of poker rooms as old-school versions of what is now an online activity, these rooms are more common than some might think. The truth of the matter is that only a handful of states have legalized online poker in the U.S., and while people have the option of playing on free apps, many still enjoy in-person games. So, setting up a nice, classy poker room may well be an appealing draw for the property (not to mention, not many other vacation homes will have this kind of feature).

A nice poker den will have a felt-topped table or a wooden table with a playing mat. Aim for 4-6 comfortable chairs for the table, plus an armchair or two off to the side with a smaller table for lounging, or enjoying a drink. You can also take the opportunity to deck the room out with poker-related décor, such as relevant movie posters, or beautiful photos of Las Vegas.

4. Home Gym

People don’t normally go on vacation thinking “I really need to pump some iron while I’m trying to rest” –– at least not as a priority. However, many who are diligent about their fitness routines do try to avoid slipping while on vacation, and will thus appreciate a room designed for exercise. There’s a reason hotels have gyms, after all!

You can stock a home gym with heavy machines and weights, or set up a simple, relaxing yoga room with some speakers and tall windows that let in sunlight. Either way, it should be a place where vacationers can break a sweat and shed some of those five o’clock cocktail calories.

5. Library

A space with wall-to-wall shelves full of books and a big, overstuffed chair or two is always welcome to people who like to read. Such a room in a vacation room, where the whole point is to relax, is the stuff of dreams! It’s actually a pretty intensive project to set up a room like this, because you’ll need to buy the actual books. But particularly if you’re already a reader you may be able to supplement with your own collection. Some vacation homes even set up honor-system libraries, such that guests are invited to take a book or two and leave one or two of their own behind.

If you’re thinking of designing a vacation home, we hope that at least one of these ideas makes it on your list! Any or all of them will enhance a property, provide an interesting space for you and guests alike, and ultimately increase rental appeal.

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