Non-Traditional Ways to Make Extra Money

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Everyone could use a little extra income. The problem is finding the time to do something that will help earn the extra cash.

With most jobs requiring people to report somewhere physically for eight hours a day, it can be tough to squeeze in other activities that potentially make you money.

If you’re experiencing this problem, you’ve been looking in the wrong places.

Here, we have a list of five ways you can earn money in non-traditional ways. These methods offer flexibility with the opportunity to make some big bucks.

Donate Your Plasma

This one requires you to not be squeamish and you have to be okay with needles. The outcome of donating plasma is both rewarding in the sense that you’re helping someone in need, and you’re getting compensated for doing so.

It takes about an hour and a half to donate plasma, but this is definitely one of the quickest ways to earn money. How much you earn for donating depends on the center you visit, but you’ll typically earn between $20 to $50 per donation.

Rent out Your Spare Room

Someone out there needs a place to stay and you can provide it to them… for some cash, of course. You can easily earn money by renting out the spare room in your home or even your couch.

With sites like Airbnb, you can list your room for the price of your choice, and you get to choose which days to make your space available for rent.

Taking clear photos of your home is one of the top tips for becoming the ultimate Airbnb host. By using clear pictures, people searching can really get a glimpse into your space. Make sure you decorate it nicely to gauge audience interest.

Once someone books your space, the rest is a breeze. You don’t have to lift a finger throughout your parties’ stay unless they have any questions on how to use your microwave.

Try Out Sports Betting

This one requires you to have some cash on hand already, but the payout could very well be worth it.

Sports betting is increasing in popularity, with more states welcoming in the idea of wagering. And with football season in full swing, NFL betting is really taking off.

If you’ve never placed a bet, don’t worry! Online betting sites are user-friendly and the best sports betting sites usually offer live chat support in case you get stuck. The best part is that most sports gambling sites offer some sort of mobile download, so you can earn money on the go.

If you’re interested in football betting, do a little research before putting any money on the line. Because you’re putting something in, you have to keep in mind that there is a possibility of losing it.

On the positive side, if you get lucky and win your bet, you have the potential of doubling the amount of money you had to begin with.

Your Opinion Is Worth Money

You can earn money doing something you probably already do: giving your opinion. While you’re more than welcome to post opinions on social media, consider using your voice for something that can help benefit more than just yourself.

There are sites that will pay you for your opinion as a consumer. Some companies will send you products to test, others will have you watch short videos, and some sites even offer you the opportunity to play video games and earn some cash.

Flip Items for Cash

Spend your Saturday morning visiting different yard sales around town, and keep an eye out for items you think are worth buying. Look for estate sales, because this is usually where the worthy items are found.

Finding what items to flip for money is completely up to you. Once you’ve found your niche, you’ll begin to see the money roll in.

Remember, you’re trying to earn money, but you also shouldn’t be ripping off your customers. Because the items you’re selling have been previously owned by someone else, you need to be reasonable with pricing them. This will require some research to understand the appropriate price range for your items.

The five ways to make money mentioned in this article are some of the most flexible, but there are plenty of other ways to do so. Just keep your eyes out for the right opportunities that work with your personal schedule.

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