4 Ways That Augmented Reality Will Help Seniors

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As we get older, the world becomes a more amazing place with more technological advances that we can believe. Unfortunately, they’re not always helpful to us. But some things might have a bigger impact on our lives that we expect. Augmented reality will be one of those things. We already have some fairly decent virtual reality, which can allow elders to virtually travel to see other places in the world, but augmented reality will have a much higher usability. Here are some ways that augmented reality will improve your life as you grow older.

Vision enhancements

As our vision gets worse and worse, augmented reality might have a way of helping you with that. In the smallest case, it might be something as simple as looking at a $1 bill, or a $20 bill, and having the augmented reality headset let you know which is which. It can recognize people and faces, and help you navigate across the room. Your vision may be impaired with age related problems such as macular degeneration, where you can only see in certain areas of the eye. With augmented reality, it can take the elements of the room and put them in that smaller area so you actually have a wider view than you would have before. Since augmented reality is all about what the world is presenting to you, if your eyes are faulty, then it can adjust to make it easier for you to function.

Teaching you how

There are many new things in technology that make it a little bit difficult to learn. We don’t learn and do things today as we did many years ago. With augmented reality, you can put a headset on and it might be able to help you with this. You can put a headset on and it can show you how to use that microwave or the television, or how to fix other things that you might not have known before. You can look at the item and it can overlay images and indicators to show you what you should do and where you should do it to help you learn. It’s a rather amazing thought to think you can do this. Even so much as if you wish to change the oil on your car, not that we would, but with an augmented reality headset it can walk you through all the steps highlighting everything you need to do on the car itself to make it easy as pie.

Keeping the brain fit

Another way augmented reality can help you, is by keeping your brain fit. By adding interest in your life, and giving you a wider horizon for what you can do and see. It can bring interest back. It can present you with puzzles and entertainment that will keep your brain working. Augmented reality is not just for medical health but it’s also for mental health, it can keep your brain active and slow aging decline. It’s like those Nuns that practice word puzzles all the time. They were avoiding dementia and staying sharp as a tack even into their late 90s. It’s a way of keeping active.


Augmented reality is a perfect way of getting more information on subjects. For example, you have your pills and you’re not sure what they are, you can look at them through augmented reality headset and it can tell you what they are. It can give you all the doses including your own specialized dosage, any contraindications, and it can even connect you directly to a nurse or doctor if you need questions answered. You can even look at the pill outside of the bottle and at the markings on it, and the augmented reality can analyze them and tell you what pill it is. Our memories are not as good as they used to be, so being able to look at something and have it call up information for you specifically can almost feel like a miracle.

Augmented reality is just starting. you can’t go out and buy augmented reality headsets that will do all this at this time. But it’s coming fairly fast. There’s a lot of competition out there to come out with the working augmented reality headset and the business behind it is a hundred billion dollar business. We believe that augmented reality will change who we are and the way our lives are. It will help young as well as old and it’s just a matter of imagination for what you can do with it. Just imagine having anything laid across your vision that you need or want at any time. Even to the point of changing the decoration in your room or the picture of your wall. It’s an exciting future. .

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